INternal Surround (curation)

In 2018 Ben Keene Curated and commissioned  a series of four surround works for The City Of Melbourne that were shown at Library at the Dock and Kathleen Syme Library. Demz Ta, Keith Chang, Hannah Woo and Adam Hunt each provided works that expressed an intimate story about place and belonging. 

Exhibition Statement:
What does home sound like to you? We asked four local sound artists to make works that reflect where they come from, where they are and where they’re heading.

each of these works deal with questions of identity and belonging in unique ways, and make for a body of work that is intimate and personal. The sound egg chairs provide a particular and immersive experience, and each of these works have been tailored to take full advantage of their expressive capabilities.

Hear a different perspective at Library at the Dock and Kathleen Syme Library. In the sound eggs at each library branch.

Surface by kira YOUNG (Sound collaboration )


Photo By Kira Young ©2017

Photo By Kira Young ©2017

Kira Created surface for her Art Photography Honours at RMIT in 2017.
In January 2018 the work was installed at Laneway artspace. 
It is a multi format installation that includes photographs, a book of interviews and a sound installation created in collaboration with Ben Keene. 
Photographs ©2017 Kira Young
Sound ©2017 Ben Keene & Kira Young

Kira Young's Artist statement:
‘Surface’ explores the inaccurate nature of outward perception through the mediums of photography, sound and text.
In considering the nexus between the medical gaze and the male gaze in relation to the 'female' body, this series uncovers the role that gender bias plays in the stigmatisation of Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) – otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – both conditions I suffer from.
The photographs represent fragmented bodies and highlight areas of pain associated with these conditions. A soundscape, composed in collaboration with Ben Keene, represents my internal reality – exploring symptoms such as pain, disorientation and fatigue.
Finally, a collection of interviews detailing the experience of others living with Fibromyalgia and ME provide a varied and subjective insight into the physical implications of illness – highlighting the emotional weight that stigma places on sufferers.

In illuminating how perception and misconception shapes the lives of sufferers, I am combating the silence surrounding these illnesses, urging others to listen, believe and understand.’


Photo by Lauren Dunn © 2015

Photo by Lauren Dunn © 2015

Ben Keene's work "Glow" was part of two public art festivals in 2015:
Richmond Housing Estate & RMIT's "Space Between Light" and The City Of Dandenong's "Nocturnal"
The music emanated from a felt light box Ben constructed that connected the work physically to the space.
©2015 Ben Keene

Ben Keene's Artist Statement:
The aim of this work was to convert a space that usually feels uncomfortable or unsafe into an active, positive environment.
I wanted to make the box feel like something from Jim Henson's television show Sesame Street, the blue felt reminded me of his puppets so I just had to use it.  I placed amber jels over the lights to make a golden glow emit and interact with the bushes that surrounded it. The core ideas I kept returning to when building this box where warmth and comfort.
The use of light, buoyant music changes the ambience of the surrounding space and allows the audience and passers by to relax and experience this space in a different way.

The music for this work is imperfect and playful. This is to tell passing listeners to not take the work too seriously and to simply engage.

I was very happy with the reaction to this piece. When it was placed in the Richmond housing estate gardens I saw both children and adults dancing along as they walked passed. The transformation from an area to be avoided to a place to be enjoyed was very gratifying.